Sunday, January 10, 2010

Painting Motor Racing

Most of us can never become a professional racing driver due to physical, financial, cultural and other reasons. Being in India we're never going to be close to the action as well, unless the money comes in and people in India realize that though motor racing is expensive it's beautiful, and there's nothing like it.

One of the ways to experience the sport is to paint it. By painting motor racing, I feel like getting close to the sport. They may not be perfect or expert works of art but nevertheless give me joy and make me feel that I'm either watching a race, hearing the engines roar and getting close to the stars, or am actually driving those machines.

So if you want to experience something try imagining it, or if you can, paint it. Paint on paper or canvas using crayons, water colour, oil paint, whatever, or use MS Paint on your computer. If you know graphics try creating images in Photoshop or Corel Draw.

Use your mind to imagine. It's a God given skill to help make our world a better place. Remember, the Bible often expects us to imagine the glory of God's kingdon to come, by giving us detailed descriptions of it. So go ahead, be where and what you want.

Here's a description of my paintings : The first one is that of the crashed Williams-Renault of triple World Champion F1 driver Ayrton Senna (fatal crash, Imola, Italy, 1994).

The second one is the side view of F1 driver and double World Champion Fernando Alonso's helmet used in 2009, the year before he moved to Ferrari.

Next, it's the Ferrari 312T5 F1 car, driven by Gilles Villeneuve in 1980.

This is followed by another shot of the Ferrari 312T5 driven in the rain by Villeneuve.

The last one is close-up shot Gilles Villeneuve in his helmet. The Canadian driver died in an F1 practice crash in Belgium in 1982.